’’Lift your head high. And don’t let it low’. Let out a sigh, then get up and go.’
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  •   "In every day life, it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy."   1. My family You wouldn't believe the stories if i told you. It has been a trying 2014. With some near-fatal stuff that wasn't trivial enough to stick on Facebook, I am most thankful for […]

    26 Nov, 2014
  • Week 2, Open Mic 1. The goal was to visit 1 Open Mic every day (Monday thru Thursday) for a month to begin learning the music scene in Philly. But I already know I won't be accomplishing this because I'm on the road for 1/2 of this month and because I really just don't want […]

    09 Sep, 2014

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