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#214 Marry Me!

By September 5, 2013 3 Comments

I’m very excited to share this post! I’ve been licensing my song through The Music Bed for the last few month for independent videographers to use in their projects. Today one of those videographers emailed me to share the video he did for a couple’s wedding.   So i thought I’d jump onto Vimeo and do a search for all the other videographers who have licensed my tunes for their projects (wedding or not). I got an exciting surprise!  I hope you enjoy these. The cinematography is so beautiful in each of these and it was a special feeling to see original songs used to tell the stories of these couples :)

Oh and I also LOVE that many of the couples are from different countries. So cool!
Oh! I also realized that this is post #214  …as in 2/14…as in Feb 14…as in Valentines Day! :)