#270 Our Open Road

By November 12, 2013 No Comments

Today on Facebook I asked if anyone knew how i could travel the world for free. I mentioned that it would be my goal for 2014. It was in part a joke of a status, but it is also a very real desire. I want to travel and experience the world – not as a tourist, but as a student – experiencing different cultures, meeting people, and being stretched out of my comfort zone.  Lo and behold someone sent me to to Our Open Road – a blog created by Adam and Emily Harteau and their cutie pie baby girl.

These guys are my heroes! I’ve spent alot of time on their site tonight reading about their adventures and living vicariously through them :)  They are doing what I would love to do with my life someday with a family. They’ve also got the coolest car on the face of the earth! Visit their website and/or read the NY Times story on them. The pictures are breathtaking.

Anyhow I thought I’d share a little piece of their story on my blog because they really give meaning to the phrase “all or nothing”. They are doin’ it!

made me think of Verse 3 in this song: