#365 Days of Eeeeeverything

By April 6, 2014 2 Comments

Everything Matters

When i set out to write 1 post every day for 365 Days, I wasn’t sure why. Honestly, no one was holding a gun to my head, and it’s not like I was bored. I was already very sleep deprived and had plenty of other things on my plate. But I knew I wanted to talk about things that I never get a chance to talk about in 4-minute songs, 1-hour concerts, or 140-character tweets. And when All or Nothing (the album) came out last year, I kept getting this nagging feeling to share the themes of the album by telling the stories of other people living out those themes. I also wanted to talk about the intersections of faith, art, and culture within that context. 

For the first month, I was pretty consistent. 1 post every day meant staying up a bit later (i think clearer at night) or cutting out other activities to get the post up by 2am-ish so people would see it first thing in the morning. And within the first week I noticed that writing about “All or Nothing” (or AoN as I like to call it) made me see it everywhere I went. Sorta like how you start to see Honda Civics everywhere when you’re shopping for a Honda Civic. I started noticing things about how people work: like the difference between someone who cares about their job vs. someone who doesn’t. I wrote posts like #4 – about people in my life who were stepping out on a limb and becoming Entrepreneurs. I wrote posts like #47  –and #327 about absolutely terrible days on the road when i just wanted to quit. And I posted song lyrics like #287 – by artists whose music has profoundly shaped my life and young music career. I even talked about my favorite food chain (Chipotle) in #116 and why their business model has made them as successful as they are.

Over the course of the year I came to wholeheartedly appreciate and write posts about small business owners whose venues I was playing in (#326), and everyday people who never get recognized for the wonderful things they’re doing in their neighborhood (#334). And then of course there were posts about those people who cared a little too much…to a fault (#26). Prepare yourself  :) I wrote a Eulogy for my Honda CR-V (#114) – the one I killed due to overuse and bad maintenance. And then I wrote a much more serious Eulogy for my late older brother on what would have been his 35th birthday  (#200).  I learned and shared how to love (#342) and also talked about challenging art (#126), challenging movies (#318), and the challenge of making meaningful music (#297).

Was it worth it? Yes! I mean on one hand, I was getting much much less sleep (still bitter about that) and I spent hundreds of hours maintaining this blog. As in hundreds! I was committing to 7 posts every week, not to mention the 2 posts I was writing each week for my marketing blog, Grassrootsy. I was, staring at my computer screen even more than I’d already been, and I often felt completely depleted of energy and creativity by the end of the day. I suffered most in my songwriting. I only wrote 1 song last year. Yes…1 song! And I stopped journaling for myself. I also began to get confused between what was worth writing about and what would be a waste of breath. Ultimately I started to skip days and post less frequently. This blog could actually be called “415 days of All or Nothing”.

Regardless of all that, YES it was worth it! This last year of writing has been one of the most rewarding and worthwhile endeavors I’ve ever burdened myself with. For one thing, it brought tons of traffic and new fans to my website! hehe :)  But more importantly it has made me see people and art in a whole new way. It has made me a better writer, and, based on emails and comments, it has hopefully touched the lives of its readers. As I kiss this 365-day blog goodbye, there is one thing I am absolutely sure of: What we do matters. How we care for others, how we spend our time, how we choose to use the talents God has given us…it all matters.

The Glory of God is Man fully Alive.



  • Eric Suesz

    Bravo! I’m such a fan of your wonderful voice, and I admit that I didn’t realize you were barreling down the road to a 365-day post-a-thon. I just thought you were amazingly prolific. I’ve tried a project like this and have failed. I know how hard it is to actually accomplish, so kudos to you. It’s a testament to your commitment to creativity. Please keep being creative, but take some time off, too! And please visit the west coast so we can hear you in person.

    • Thank you, Eric!!! Yes, it was hard! And Im so relieved that its over. HA! But now i have space in my head to write songs again :)