#261 Tosinger

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It’s Music Friday…usually my favorite post of the week!  It’s also the easiest to write because there is no shortage of good music out there!  Today, I get to share the music of a new friend, Tosinger. We met online by chance earlier this year via a music blog. Then I found out that we have plenty of friend’s in common. I’m convinced that all the Africans in the United States know each other by 1 degree of separation :)

Anyhow, I’ve been jammin’ to this song the past few days and I love the lyrics! Enjoy!

#259 I Want To Go To There!

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Last week I noticed my song Promised Land getting a number of hits. After doing a bit of research, I realized that the hits were coming from a video Vimeo featured as its pick of the week. It was created by MOOV. I was ecstatic and breath-taken when I saw this video b/c South America was exactly what I had in mind when writing the song. Please watch!

song licensed by The Music Bed | hear the full version of this song
See other videos with licensed songs from the new album: “#214 Marry Me



#219 Like It’s Never Been Done

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We don’t need anyone else getting on an “I can’t believe Miley Cyrus” soapbox. Especially not me. I’m sure by the time I finished, the soap in that box would be melted. Personally, I think it’s easy to get all eyes, all ears, all lips focused on you when you’re going down the route most of the famous, “scandalous” females of our culture have chosen to go down. Strip what you got, do a few moves, and act like it wasn’t a big deal. Get upset at people for chastising you when you’re just trying to “be yourself”, and do what you “need” to do to make sure all the eyes stay on you for as long as possible. And then eventually…years down the line you die. Because that’s what people do. But at least you got millions of hits on all your YouTube videos. I mean, that’s pretty awesome, right!? Or maybe you were one of the ones who died early from a drug overdose.


Personally my heart is broken – broken for the twisted reality we live in, where right is wrong and wrong is right. Where asking people to live, move, and breath with integrity is frowned upon, and where trusting that people are smart enough to know what’s classy isn’t far-fetched.

No one’s trying to create perfect angel-like robots here…especially not me. But i think we need to get to a point where we’re asking ourselves, “What have we become? How am I part of the problem? And what can I do to  turn things around?” And if you don’t think there’s a problem, I’d encourage you to ask others why they think there is.

And if you’re in entertainment, my charge to you is to Do it Like It’s Never Been Done. Don’t go for what’s easiest b/c you’re starved for attention. You’ll eventually hate yourself for what you “had” to do to make people like you. And you’ll slowly lose respect for yourself and others.

Let’s do it like it’s never been done!

#209 How Do You Say That?

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I heard the most excellent segment on NPR today! It was about words that cannot be easily translated in other languages.  Words like…

Waldeinsamkeit (German): A feeling of solitude, being alone in the woods and a connectedness to nature.

Komorebi (Japanese) : This is the word the Japanese have for when sunlight filters through the trees — the interplay between the light and the leaves.

Jayus (Indonesian): Slang for someone who tells a joke so badly, that is so unfunny you cannot help but laugh out loud. :)

Something about this interview made me thing about music and its capacity to capture a feeling that you can’t quite describe in any other language. Here is the interview…

…and here is a song that to me produced a feeling that just cannot be translated.  Hands down it is one of my favorite instrumentals of all time!

What do you think?


#206 Things I Learned in Nashville

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  • Everyone can play guitar.
  • There are alot of people who really want to be famous.
  • There are alot of people who want to be real live cowboys and write songs about it.
  • You can make business cards out of guitar picks. Example.
  • The term “Nashvegas” actually has some validity to it.
  • Open mic can easily last 5-6 hours.
  • People go to shows at 6pm.
  • If you live in Nashville you either need to love country music or be able to tolerate it…because you’ll be hearing alot of it.
  • There’s not much diversity.
  • Hipsters live in one section of the city.
  • There alot of people either wearing alligator shoes or tight pants…but not both at the same time.
  • It’s easy to make friends…you just need to be ok with talking to strangers.


#181 Universal Language

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Yesterday I got to spend my day with the kids at PRYSE: Pittsburgh Refugee Youth Service & Education.  PRYSE runs a 3-week long summer program for students ages 12-16. This week’s focus was creative expression as the kids final project will be to create and present a piece of art that best shares a part of themselves.

Spending time at PRYSE was most certainly the highlight of this week. Most of the kids were from Nepal, but a handful were from the The Congo, India, and a few other countries. I found the kids really took to Happy because of the story behind it and how it related to their  immigration experience. After playing them a few songs, I broke the kids into groups and told them they needed to work with each other to create a song, dance, drum piece, or any kind of performance that was unconventional.  I wish i could have videotaped the afternoon!


The funniest part of the day for me was their extreme love for hip hop  and over-familiarity with Justin Beiber :)
One thing i know: art is the one true universal language :)