Joy Proudly Partners with Food for the Hungry

It has been over 2 1/2 years since I began partnering with Food for the Hungry and they have become like family. For years I had wanted to more actively be a part of something that would allow me to make a real-world, tangible difference in people’s lives through my music. I get so tired of talking about things – talking about how the world is falling apart, about how much poverty there is, about how much pain there is. I mean, i guess that’s what I do for a living, right? I talk about things. Or i sing about them.  So when Food for the Hungry asked me to consider hooking up with them, I was like, “heck yea!!!!” And then i thought it about it for a bit. And then i said “heck yea for sure!!!” 

Last year I finally had the opportunity to take a trip to the Dominican Republic with FH to meet Angela, the little girl I sponsor and to also visit several of the communities they are working in. I had the opportunity to meet families, Mother Leaders, Community representatives, and staff, who are also DR natives. It was a priceless experience and I learned so much!  If you want to see photos in addition to the below video, you can check them out here.

Footage from my Trip with FH

Below is some basic information about Food for the Hungry if you’re new to this page.

Who is fh?

Food for the Hungry is a Christian relief and development organization that focuses on 18 countries in 3 regions internationally – Asia, Africa, and South/Central America. They provide emergency disaster relief in times of great need; but on a daily basis they focus on Community Transformation through Child Development, Education, Food & Agriculture, Heath & Nutrition, Church Strengthening, Water & Sanitation, and Income Generation.

Why fh?

There are so many wonderful organizations out there! So i guess the question is: Why FH? Well, quite honestly, I believe in what they’re doing – wholeheartedly! I spent alot of time doing my research and learning about them before “signing on”. I wanted to make sure I was partnering with an organization I believed in, an organization with good business practices, and an organization I would happily talk about with my fans – both on stage an off.

I love FH because they are child-focused. Their heart is for children…and coming from a family with missionary parents, and two adopted brothers, I cant imagine working with an organization that is not child focused. I also love that 80% of FH’s staff is from one of these 18 counties. That means FH is working with native community leaders, local churches, and the surrounding families. It means the work they’re doing empowers natives to operate in a way that is best for their people – not the “American Way”. And as a Nigerian, that was certainly one of the deciding factors.

Why Food?

I’m a foodie, quite honestly. Actually i don’t have the budget to be a real foodie. I’m more like a wannabe. That’s beside the point! But for me it’s mind-blowing to think that there are people in other nations going without food…and water (among many other things). World Hunger is so important to me because there is an easy fix: education, empowerment, charity, and selflessness. We here in America  waste 25% of what’s on our plates every single day! The U.S. wastes over $165 billion in food annually! Which, according to CNN is about $2,275 per family of four. How is this possible!

What You Can Do!

Something. If I could sum it up in one word, that would be it. You can do something. Its easy for us to get overwhelmed and do absolutely nothing because it all feels like a “drop in the bucket”. But that’s not true. Everything you do makes a difference. And when everyone does something, it magically turns into a great, huge thing! So I will be specifically working with FH to find sponsors for children at each of my shows.  I’ll have child packets with information on kids representative of all FH’s 18 countries and you’ll be given the opportunity to sponsor a kid for a monthly sponsorship ($35).  This kid is real – not just some face! You’ll be able to correspond with them by letter-writing and stay up to date on what is happening in their community.

So this is what I’m up to! Please, seriously consider sponsoring a child – whether it be at a show or right here ( via my website. You will change a life and we will both have done our part to make a difference!!! Heck yea!

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