June 21

Hard to believe that this month is coming to a close! Well, I have one last Philly show this month. My band...yes, my band will be in town from Pittsburgh! So excited to play with a fuller sound this Saturday, June 27th, at The Fire. We share the night with Jeanette Berry & The Soul Nerds! I'll be accompanied by dear friends and bandmates Jason Rafalak (upright bass) and Ryan Socrates ( percussion).

June 1

June 1st! I can't believe its June already! Well this ''summer'' has been enjoyable thus far. I've been playing significantly less than in past years and working out some new songs! Can't wait to share these all with you. Check the calendar though, because I have a handful of things happening in DC, Philly, and NJ this month.

May 13

Excited to share this interview I did on WNYC Radio- New York City's NPR affiliate! Please read and share!

May 4

Can you believe it's May already! Fewer shows this month but they're going to be good ones in some of my favorite cities - including Lancaster, PA!!! Check the calendar for what's right around the corner! Happy May!

April 27

Happy to be home from what felt like a very long few weeks on the road. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show. It was wonderful to meet so many of you! Looking forward to staying put this month and taking some time to write.

April 15

4 days into this tour and its been great! Thanks to everyone who came out to the State College, Pittsburgh, and college shows! Wittenberg University show is cancelled for this Thursday but Chicago is 2 days away and will surely be the highlight of this tour! Make sure you reserve your seat. Visit the calendar for details on how to do so.

April 7

Josh Garrel's new albums is out and available on Noisetrade!!!  This is surely the highlight of my day. But in other news, I am preparing to leave later this week for a 2-week Midwest tour! I am very excited to be stopping in Chicago, Madison, South Bend, Grand Rapids, and a slew of other cities. Please visit the calendar, hit up the Facebook events to RSVP, and share these evens with others!

Mar 30

Spring is here! Greetings all! I am very excited to be starting the Spring in a new city.  Warmer weather, outdoor shows, and people leaving the comforts of their couches to enjoy festivals and the company of other living organisms! There are so man wonderful things to look forward to - both here in the Northeast and west of Pennsylvania as I prepare to embark on a Midwest tour in just a matter of days. As always, check the calendar for new events.

Mar 16

I had such an awesome time at the NACA College Conference this weekend in Northern PA. So excited to start planning for the fall school calendar. But in the meantime I'll be spending this week in North Carolina at Campbell University and some house concerts in Raleigh and D.C. Both are open to the public. Check the calendar and see you there!

March 5

Hey folks! Doing a bunch of house concerts this month but only 2 are open to the if you are in Raleigh, NC (Mar 17) or Washington D.C. (Mar 20) then you lucked out! Send a note to [email protected] for details on these shows. Also, a ton of Spring shows added! Check the calendar!

Feb 15

Just got back from a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic with Food for the Hungry! I cant tell you how priceless of an experience it was to witness with my own eyes all the wonderful things FH is doing in Central America. I was truly honored to be part of traveling crew and I am even more honored to represent FH at my shows. I took a very detailed image log of the whole trip and there are plenty of captions explaining where we went, what we saw, and the very special afternoon with my sponsored child. Photos galore!

Feb 2

Dear Friends! Can you believe it's February already! It's no joke: the older you get, the faster time flies! Well it's the month of looooove...and i just love February! Kicking off this month with a love song-themed show in Philly this Friday! Then off to the Domincan Republic next week to spend time on the ground with Food for the Hungry. I am so excited to share all the wonderful things happening with their work overseas and in South/Central America and I am so honored to be a part of it all. And I am even more excited to meet the little girl I sponsor, Angela, through FH next week! There will be plenty of pictures and videos! Stay tuned :)

Jan 27

Heading out to do some college shows in Illinois and Missouri this week! Stay warm in this crazy weather folks!

Jan 19

Pfew! Just submitted our entry for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest! Its kinda a shot in in the dark b/c there are likely thousands of submissions. The ones Ive seen on NPRs blog are mindblowing - great music, great videography, and great audio. But still I thought I should submit because I had no reason not to. Good luck to all the artists. You can watch our submission here!

Jan 12

Tis' the year for house concerts! Kicking off the 2015 show Calendar with a few house concerts this weekend - one of them is at my house! Check out what's happening on the calendar!

Jan 5, 2015

Hello World! It's 2015 and I'm so happy to be alive! Ain't it crazy! It seems time is going by so quickly. Well this year is going to be a great one! It will certainly be quite different for me in many ways. Perhaps i'll blog about it at some point. But for now I just want to wish you a Happy New Year!  I trust it's off to a good start for you :)

Dec 15

Hey folks! Ive been featured in this month*s edition of Mute Magazine - a New York City-based print publication. You can access a copy via their website if you*re interested in checking out  what I had to say about my childhood, my influences, and what I have planned for 2015! p.s. its almost Christmas!!!

Dec 1

The Christmas sale is here!!! Visit the Online Store for a sale that will blow your pretty little mind! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  En*joy*!

Nov 5

Kent Wired did an article in anticipation for Saturday*s show in Ohio. Will you be there? You can read it here!

Oct 27

Tour starts this week! If you're in the Midwest, please check the calendar for a date! Looking forward to heading your way!!!

Oct 12

New shows are on the calendar. Tons of new shows! Northeast, Midwest, whatever! Check it!

Oct 1

Its always such a great feeling to be back home for a few weeks - not eating out every night and sleeping in my own bed! I have a fall college tour coming up at the end of this month and will be doing some college and local Philly shows in the meantime. Stay tuned and check the calendar regularly!

Sep 16

Our fall tour kicks off tonight in Chicago! We've got alot of ground to cover in the next 11 days. Please visit the calendar and tell a friend about a show in their city. See you out there!

Sep 10

I am excited to return to Penn State University this Friday for a show at the HUB! Students skip your class and come out!!!! Ok, dont skip your class, but if you happen to be free from 12-1pm please come! :)

Also, I will be sharing stories and songs at Waynesburg University this Saturday from a beautiful Steinway grand piano. I am very much anticipating this evening!! I hope to see you there :)

Sep 1

Today I arrived in Philadelphia. Not on tour, but as a new resident of this great city! I'm excited to live here, dig into the music scene, but most importantly get to know all these new faces! Here's to fresh beginnings! :)

Aug 20

Hard to believe that summer is practically over! Please come celebrate the end of a season with me at the Rodef Shalom Garden Party this Thursday!! It will be my Goodbye party as I leave Pittsburgh are begin a new chapter in Philadelphia. I will be sorry to go but happy to see you there. The event is free and hors d’oeuvres will be provided. There will also be a cash bar! See you there!  Details on the calendar.

Aug 6

Are you following me on Instagram?! Im documenting this tour with photos and there is plenty to see and write about! 5 more dates left - Chattanooga, Atlanta, NC, and a few house concerts in VA. Check out the photos :)

July 28

Hard to believe that i just got home from a tour, packed up my apartment, moved out, and am about to hit the road again. Well this trip down south involves a number of shows but just a few significant ones in Nashville, Atlanta, Cornelius (North Carolina) and Lovingston, VA.  We would love for you to make it out to a gig. Just visit the calendar!

July 21

Well friends, thank you so much for a wonderful tour!  10 days doesn't seem like that long but I seriously feel like I've been gone for ages! It was so great meeting so many people and playing for so many near ears between Pittsburgh and Boston and back!  Now I'm getting geared up for Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and a few cities in between this August!  Please check the calendar and help spread the word!

July 15

Day 4 into this tour! Philly and NYC have been the highlights so for! Stay posted via Instagram. A picture speaks a thousand words! Aaaaand Southern dates just announced for August!!!

July 9

This week I announced that I will be transplanting to Philadelphia at the end of the summer! I am pretty excited about this but it is also very bittersweet! Here is a pretty thorough explanation I wrote about the past, the present, and the future.

July 1

The summer tour lineup is up! This month I'll be traveling with my bandmates Jason Rafalak (upright bass) and Ryan Socrates (percussion) and we are so absolutely pumped for this run of shows!  Please find a date near you and put it on your calendar. Even better: share the dates with someone! Thank you!

June 24

Some excellent stuff on the way - a few regional arts festivals...and a Northeast tour in July that I am really pumped for! We are working out the final details of the trip but just stay tuned and visit the calendar!!

June 14

My sister and I just had an incredible experience opening for Cody Chestnutt last night at World Cafe! Thanks to everyone in Philly who came out! Our next local show is July 12 at Burlap & Bean. We absolutely cant wait for that show!

June 9

Thanks for everyone who came out to our show at the Three Rivers Arts Festival! What a great time. And the rain stayed away!  This week I'm excited to share some very new things - namely my FH page! I'm so geeked to announce my partnership with Food for the Hungry who you will catch me talking about more and more at my shows in the coming months!  I've shared some thoughts about why I'm passionate about FH and what they do. So go check it out!

June 1

It's here! Summer! I specifically kept my June pretty sparse so I could enjoy the outdoors, write some songs and plan for my big July tour! There are however a handful of festival dates with the band and more summer dates on the way. Be on the lookout for calendar updates! In the meantime, check out Sound Scene Express' show review of our concert at Pittsburgh Winery!

May 17

I'm 3 days into my tour and it has been such a trip! My first two nights in South Bend and Detroit were extremely memorable and I especially can't wait to return to Detroit! I'm looking forward to tonight's Grand Rapids show and I hope you will share the rest of these tour dates with any friends you have in those areas. Thanks and see you out there!

May 5

Thank you to EVERYONE who come to this weekends shows in Central, PA and Washington D.C.  I always head home with a heart full of gratitude when i come back from a run of shows - whether it be a weekend trip or a long tour. I feel so absolutely blessed that you lend me your ears. Just added some new dates to the May tour including Columbus! Visit the calendar. I'm playing in all new venues and cities on this trip!

April 28

Just announced - May 24th show in Pittsburgh with the BAND at Pittsburgh Winery! We'll be teaming up with Cello Fury for this night and we are pumped!! Tickets are now on sale via Pittsburgh Winery. Also, May Midwest tour dates are posted! So very excited for this upcoming trip! All details are on the calendar

April 18

Brand new video from last month's show at World Cafe Live!

April 7

So today i posted my 365th post of "365 Days of All or Nothing". I can't believe this blog started a whole year ago in conjunction with the release of my album. And I can't believe I made it! Posts cover the whole spectrum of art, ideas, music, faith, and people doing cool things in the world! And if you do a random search of any number between '#1' and '#365' you'll discover something new! There are hundreds of hours of content on the blog and something for everyone, including this final post. Thanks to everyone who's been part of the journey this past year!

April 1

Today  i go home for the month :) So happy to be home with friends and family. Thank you to everyone for this past month on the road!! This post says it all.

March 20

Happy first day of Spring ya'll!!! What a perfect day to hit the road for a Spring tour!  So excited to start seeing less snow and more rain that we all know leads to flowers!  If you're in the Northeast, please join me at one of the upcoming shows in NYC, Boston, New Haven, Lancaster, and a few other spots! Details on the calendar.

March 10

Wow folks! I just got back from my midwest tour. I am so overwhelmed by all the wonderful things that happened on this trip - mostly in the way of meeting so many wonderful people. Im exploding with gratitude! I don't remember the last time i was on such a rewarding trip. I'm processing it all, but I'll surely be writing about it soon. If you want to play catch-up, go check out the photos on Instagram.

March 2

Can you believe we're in March!? As far as I can see the Midwest hasn't gotten the memo. Its currently zero degrees here in Minnesota and the cold is getting to me...big time! But the good news is that I've been here for a week and this Midwest tour has really been enjoyable! So wonderful to meet new faces, play for a completely new set of ears, and see the wonderful sights! Minneapolis is especially great! This coming week I'll be in playing some college shows in Iowa and Wisconsin, and a public show in Chicago on March 8th.  Follow me on Instagram to see what I see!

Feb 26

I'm very excited to announce that I will be working in partnership with a new friend, Chris Flegal who will be handling the Management aspects of performing, show booking, logistics, creative things, and all things that fall under the category of STUFF! So happy to have Chris on board! #nowicangetsomesleep :)

Feb 17

We did it! You guys voted me Vocalist of the year...and I won! Thank you all!! This is a pretty cool Award that Im proud to tout! Many many thanks and so much love to you all!

Feb 10

Only 2 weeks til the Midwst tour! I'll be swinging through plenty of new territory and can't wait to play out in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinios! Visit the calendar and tell pass the shows on to anyone who might be interested!

Jan 28

Next Pittsburgh band show is Saturday, Feb 22 at the Kaufmann Center in the Hill District! Save the date! I'll be playing with the band. This will be a special event created to celebrate music revitalization in the Hill. More to come! This and other events on the calendar!

Jan 21

Hey folks, I've been nominated as the top Vocalist for this year's Tri-State Indie Music Awards!  Artists are nominated across Philadelphia, Central PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, and Washington D.C.  Panelists include representatives from WXPN, Tri-State Indie, World Cafe Live, Fly Magazine, Wood Stove House, and many others! Please vote for me!!! I would be absolutely honored to win!

Jan 14

I can't believe I've stayed put for nearly 2 months! Its been a great, restful season. But now i'm ready to hit the road! If you're in DC or Elizabethtown, I hope you'll be coming out to this weekend's shows. Peace and I are pretty pumped about them! As always, details on the calendar!

Jan 7

Hey the calendar is updated through March. Check it out and see what's going in the world of Joy :)  Also, I stuck up a few notable blog posts: 2013 Year in Review Hopes & Dreams for 2014

Jan 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm so happy to be alive and breathing! I hope you are too! 2013 was wonderful, and I'll be doing a recap on my blog soon. But in the meantime, I'm getting ready to hit the road again and I hope you're prepared to come out to a show! 2014 is gonna ROCK!

Dec 30

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Only 1 full day left in this year! Come celebrate with us as we go out strong. We'll be doing a big show at First Night's WYEP Music Station in Downtown this Tuesday. Details on the calendar. See you there!

Dec 17

Christmas is just 1 week away ya'll! The band has a Pittsburgh Christmas concert this Sunday at The River New Heights in the North Hills. We've been working on some fun arrangements of Christmas songs. If you'd like to make it, you can find more details on the calendar. And if you're still in need of stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for friends, make sure to visit Holiday store while the gettin's still good!

Dec 9

I dunno about you about it's officially Winter here in Pittsburgh. It's been snowing pretty consistently and it's bitterly cold. I hope your December is off to a great start. Check back here on Wednesday for some BIG news!

Dec 2

The Christmas Store is up and running. Everything is 20-50% off with FREE Shipping! I hope you'll grab a copy of the album fora friend or two!  En*joy*  :)

Nov 25

Happy Thanksgiving Week! This is my favorite holiday and I am so absolutely excited to be home and kicking off the next 7 weeks with family, down time, catching up on some things, song-writing, and preparing for the new year!!! I hope that this week is a blessed one for you. I am remind that everything I have and everything I am is because of the grace of God. Thanksgiving helps me to pause and soak up that truth.

Nov 14

Exciting News! The music is now up on Pandora! Yes! Go make a Joy Ike station and tell others they can do they same!

Nov 5

Well hello! Over the past 3 days I've been in Columbus, OH, Cincinnati, OH, and Maysville, KY and I can tell you first hand that Fall is beautiful EVERYWHERE! You can follow me on Instagram for pictures of fall from each of the cities I am visiting on this tour. I still have a handful of shows in Illinois over the next few days. Stay tuned and tell someone about this Saturday's event in Chicago!

Oct 29

Thanks to everyone who came out to our World Cafe Live show last weekend. It was really an excellent night. Hoping to do more band shows on the road. I leave this weekend for a midwest tour in a few different cities - a mix of venues, colleges, churches, and house concerts! Two big shows in Columbus and Chicago! Check the calendar  for details and tell someone!

Oct 22

This Saturday: band show at World Cafe Live in Wilmington, DE! We are really looking forward to this show and hope you can make it out! Also,  the dates for this November's midwest tour are filled. Visit the  calendar for all details! Excited about the next month!

Oct 14

This week myself and some friends will be road-tripping down to Nashville for the It Was Good Concert + Book Launch at Belmont University. I'm really looking forward to this evening - especially after the Eastern launch last two weekends ago. If you're in the Nashville area or know someone who is, please tell them about this event!

Oct 9

Dear Friends! If you missed it, The Fall Song music video just dropped!  This would be my first time making a children's music video so I really hope you enjoy it. It's probably a bit different than past material I've put out but c''s Fall!!! Enjoy the video and share it with your kids :) EnJOY!

Sep 23

Thank you all for the birthday wishes over the weekend. So excited to enter into this new decade! Praying for fresh wisdom and new insight :) Ok, so a new fall update is out! He're what's cooking for October and November!

Sep 17

Hey world! Hard to believe it, but fall is actually here! I don't mind...probably because it means I can sing The Fall Song!!!! While you're singing, head over to the calendar for some newly announced shows along the Northeast and Midwest! I'm ready for the fall!

Sep 12

Back in Pittsburgh and happy to be home for a couple weeks! If you'r in the area, I'll be playing with the band this Saturday at Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh. We'll be opening for our good friends JD Eicher & The Goodnights. It's their Album Release Party and I can guarantee you its gonna be a great time! Tickets are only $6. Get them here!

Sep 3

It's September! Time is flying by so quickly! I can barely believe it's fall! If you're a student (or faculty/administration) and your campus is planning some events for the semester, make sure to contact W2 Entertainment to book me for your school event! I'm so excited to be touring campuses this fall!!

Aug 20

The family weddings are over. My brother is married and it was a lovely affair! But now back to the grind! I enjoyed a few weeks off from music making but I'm excited to hit the road these next two weeks and cover roughly 5 states.  I'll be in OH, TN, GA, PA, and MD for 4 venues shows, 2 festivals, 2 house shows, and 2 College gigs!  Check the  calendar for all details.  Music, here I come!

Aug 5

Can you believe it's August already! This year has flown by like a blur! I am celebrating a few weeks off from shows but very excited for my southern tour with Brooke Annibale at the end of the month in Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Dayton. Also a few house shows in the mix. Visit  the calendar save the date, and tell a friend in the area!

July 29

So much to say: 1. I Like Ike T-shirts are back in stock! 2. There is new media on the press page. 3. Thank you for coming out to shows! July was such a great month! Excited for the future :)

July 22

Hey folks! This week I'll be in Harrisburg and Philly! Will you come to a show or tell someone in that area?  I haven't been in Harrisburg since last year and I'm really looking forward to returning!  Details on the calendar. In other news, today marks the 6 month Anniversary of All or Nothing! Woohooo! Stream the whole album on my media page through the end of this month!!!

July 9

This Thursday I'll be playing a one-of-a-kind event in Pittsburgh called ConversationsWe: a Concert + Conversation about Race. I'll be taking part in a panel where the panelists (and hopefully you the listener) will take part in an open discussion about race in America. Let's see where this goes! In other news, I have some upcoming out of town gigs in the Wilmington/Philly/Harrisburg area over the next few weeks. Check the calendar for all type of awesome!

July 1

An overwhelming thank you to everyone who came out to a show on this tour!  I can barely wait to hit the road at the end of August for the South! More to come on that :)

June 27

Wrapping up this tour this week with just a few more dates near Boston and Baltimore! Check the calendar and come out! And stay tuned: new tour dates to be anounced soon for later in the summer!

June 18

Thanks to everyone who came out to the NYC show! It was definitely the highlight of my tour thus far! So great to see so many familiar faces and share a stage with such talented artists and friends!  The next big show is this Saturday at Ebenezers Coffeehouse in Washington D.C. on Saturday! Peace will be joining me on hand percussion. A few Philly/Lancaster dates in between!  Check the calendar for details

June 13

Due to the venue closing, next Thursday's June 20th show in Philly has been moved down the road to The Personal Chef. Check the calendar for updated information!

June 11

Wow, what an awesome weekend at the Three Rivers Arts Festival! Thanks to everyone who came and supported Cello Fury, Scott Blasey, and myself. It was really a privilege to get to work with them. Great memories! Please pass the word on to friends in other cities and tell them I will be in their area this month. This weekend: Middletown, CT, Boston, and Altamont, NY! Check the calendar for details!

June 3

It's June! So hard to believe that this year is nearly half gone! Well this month is significant to me as I prepare to embark on a 17-day tour up and down the Northeast playing cities in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and New York. if you haven't yet found a date near you, visit the calendar!

May 28

Hey folks! Hope you had a great Memorial Day. Now back to business! A new interview just went live on Enter The Shell. We spent alot of time talking about Oreos and bare feet. Not so much time on music :) So you'll either enjoy it or be bored out of your mind :)  In other news, check this site later in the week. Many updates on the June tour on the way!

May 20

This week, I'll be playing locally in Pittsburgh. Come out to Club Cafe for my friend, Tim Ruff's CD Release party. I'll be opening the evening with my band. Details.

May 13

Hey! Did you miss last week's newsletter update. There are plenty of new announcements - videos, tour dates, and other things that are saved only for readers. Check it out and consider subscribing for the next one!

May 7

Welcome to the new website!?  Did we need a redesign? But im addicted to WordPress :)  *nervous laugh*  In any case, there are so many new things to share with you!  Are you signed up for the newsletter. It will be going out tonight! Also, I would like everyone to know that the promo photo on my homepage was taken by the wonderful Bea Chiappelli! More on that in tonight's blog!

April 30

Do you live NY (state), PA, MD, DE, NJ, CT, or one of those other Northeast States. I'm filling in the last holes in my June tour calendar! I would like for some  them to be house shows because I am finding those to be my favorite part of being on the road this year! Interested? Here's more information!

April 23

This weekend - Baltimore and Bethlehem, PA!  Are you in either of those areas? Do you know someone who is?  Visit the calendar for more details on each specific show. Peace (sister) will be joining me on percussion and we're really looking forward to it.  Hope to see you there!

April 17

The press page is chock full of new reviews and interviews! I am so appreciative to every publication and media outlet that has chosen to review the album and interview me. Go check out what others are saying!

April 9

Back in Pittsburgh, from what feels like a very long 6 days of driving and playing and driving and playing. Thank you to everyone who came out to a show. Huge shout-outs to Dayton & Chicago which were the highlights of this particular trip!! Much, much more to come...but let me just point your attention to this Sunday evening's Online Stage-it Concert at 9pm EST. It's specifically for all of you folks in the cities I can never make it to!! There are only 30 Tickets available at a cost of "Pay What You Want". More to come on this!

April 2

Happy April! It seems that Spring is really almost here! Well, Tiffany and I are 2 days away from our Midwest tour and I am excited to explore new cities and re-visit old ones.  Are you in the Midwest? Do you know someone who is? Please visit the calendar to find out more about our dates in Ohio, Michigan, and Chicago. See you out there!

March 25

Thanks to everyone who came out to a show on the road last week. Boston was certainly the highlight of the trip! What an incredible city!  Next week Tiffany Thompson and I head off for a midwest tour through Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Grand Rapids, South Bend, and Chicago!  Please check the calendar and tell someone in that area!

March 18

Miss last week's newsletter! Probably because you're not subscribed! There are many updates to read about including a reminder for all you folks who live out in the NYC and New Haven, CT area! C'mon out to a show this week! Check out the newsletter for more!

March 13

Yes! A Midwest tour has been announced! I'll be setting off on the road with my friend, Tiffany Thompson, in early April for some dates in Ohio, Michigan, and Chicago!  There is no Illinois...just Chicago! :) Check the calendar for those and many more Northeast dates! See you out there!

March 11

Great news: I'm very excited to announce that I've been added to TR Agency's roster. I'm very excited to be working alongside them and happy to have a partner in the booking process!  Please direct all booking requests to their attention. Here's to new cities, new tours, and conquering the world! It's All or Nothing! :)

March 6

Check the calendar for new dates in NYC, New Haven (Connecticut), and near Baltimore! Excited to hit the road once again in a few weeks! Playing for new ears in new places!  p.s. have you checked the All or Nothing blog lately?

March 4

Wow! Thank you to everyone who came out to a show this past weekend! Every night was uniquely wonderful! I was so glad to have Jason Rafalak and Ryan Socrates join me on the road and happy to see full rooms, familiar faces, and many new ones!  Thank you and thank you again!!  There are two mini Northeast and Midwest tour in the works! Stay tuned and check the calendar for updates!

Feb 28

Don't live in the Philly, DC, Lancaster (or metro) areas? Have friends who do? Do me a favor and pass the latest newsletter on to them. Let them know we'll be in their city this weekend. Thank you!

Feb 25

I'm very excited because this week holds many wonderful things! Tomorrow Peace and I will be headed to Lancaster's WJTL-fm for a 1-hour in-studio concert. It will be broadcast live and you can tune in.  Later this week, the band will be playing CD Release shows in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Lancaster.  Please visit this site b/c there will be a handful of updates.  Details on the calendar.

Feb 22

As of today the album has been out for 1 month! Yes! I have received so many emails from people telling me they've heard "Everything You Have" on the radio...and other emails from people sharing their opinion of the album. This is exciting to me! Thank you for making the music part of your daily playlist. Please continue to share the music. I will have more substantial news to share in the coming weeks. All the best to you!

Feb 18

So as I begin to tour extensively in support of the new album, I thought I would create a house show page to give people an idea of what it means to host a house show. If you've ever toyed with the idea of having a concert in your home, then read this. This year I am hoping to do more shows where I get a real opportunity to connect with the audience both on and off stage. So if you want to book a house show lets connect!

Feb 12

Have you checked the calendar lately? New shows at LaRoche College, Grove City College, Slippery Rock University and more!  Students, if you're club or student activities board is still in booking mode for this Spring semester, contact [email protected] to set something up!

Feb 4 

CD Release Concerts have now been announced in Philly, Washington D.C. and Lancaster!  Myself and the band will be doing a weekend of shows in each city (Mar 1-3) and I am incredibly excited! Please visit the calendar for details and pass the word on.

Feb 1

Happy love month!  Two things for you: Love Collective Kurt Scobie Valentine's Mixtape Album Cover 1. I've just launched 365 Days of All or Nothing -  a daily blog of musings. Head over to the blog for more about this little endeavor. 2. Some friends and I have just release a Valentine's Day compilation album called "Valentine's Mixtape". You can get it on Noisetrade for FREE. But we hope you consider donating to our charity - Not For Sale - as they work to end Human Trafficking in the United States.

Jan 29

Thank you to all who attended the New Hazlett Theater album release concert.  I am absolutely speechless and don't really know what I can say to to share my gratitude. But I wanted to share this show review published on Sunken Treasures Music Blog. Perhaps this will give you a snapshot into the night. Also, just know that audio and video of the evening are on the way!

Jan 27

Dear world! The Album release concert is tonight in Pittsburgh!  Doors are at 6:30 and we are expecting a full house so please get here in time! Show beings at 7:30pm EST.  The event is streaming online for FREE on UStream.  So you can watch anywhere in the world! We are excited!!!

Jan 22

All or Nothing is here! Download it on iTunesAmazonGooglePlayiHeartRadio,eMusic and more!  Physical CD Bundles on the Online Store. En*joy*!

Jan 21

If I told you, you the albums is currently sampling on Amazon mp3 would you head over and give it a listen? Ok great! Enjoy!

Jan 16

Today I opened my front door to discover 1000 copies of All or Nothing sitting on my front porch!  Eeeek!  Lets just say I can't remember when last I was so excited! Just a reminder that pre-orders end at midnight on Jan 21. Pre-Order are currently $10 but the album will change to its original price of $12 on the 22nd.  Head to the store!

Jan 15

Wow everyone! The music video released this morning and you guys have helped to blast the video all over! Please continue to share it and to direct people to Noisetrade for a free download of the song! Currently the song is 4 artists away from their home page! Just behind Donald Miller, Ben Rector, and a few others!! Please keep passing on the link b/c once its on the homepage new ears wont have to look to find it! THANK YOU! New album drops in 1 week!

Jan 14

Welcome to the all new! We hope you like it. Joy's brand new music video for the single "Everything You Have" releases tomorrow. You'll also get a FREE download of the song! Check back!

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