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March 12, 2016
NPR Tiny Desk Contest: The Best of Philly Submissions

I was/am really excited about the song. For me it’s been very timely and speaks to alot of the things happening in our world – specifically a lot of the racial tension that’s heightened over the last two years since Ferguson. In addition... [read full interview]

Sep 15, 2015
Street Meets Style: An Interview w/ Joy Ike

Joy Ike is the kind of person that when you hear her music for the first time, you need to immediately go to YouTube and listen to more and more! This is what happened...[read full interview]

Aug 5, 2015
PBS 39:  Meet the 'Steel Sessions' Artists: Joy Ike

What is 'Soulfolk," and what influences have combined to give Joy Ike her signature sound? We find that out and more during our Q&A with this exciting, talented artist, who performs her Steel Sessions taping at PBS39...[read full interview]

July 8, 2015
Doing Art Podcast

Joy Ike is a talented singer-songwriter well known for her deep and inspiring lyrics. Join her and Lorens, as she talks about traveling long distance for gigs, having Nigerian parents, getting better and disliking earlier albums, playing in New York City, having faithful fans, and many other randomly connected stuff [listen to interview]

May 8, 2015
WNYC’s Soundcheck: Interview

When I first met folk musician Joy Ike after her Rockwood Hall concert last year, I was her voluntary roadie. A group of us -- ranging from friends, band members, and fans -- all lugged equipment to a street you would never know existed if you weren't desperate for a parking spot. On our way back to the busy streets of [read full interview]

May 7, 2015
The Courier-Post: The Joy Ike of Song
Friday night is a real treat, as two excellent acts take the stage. Joy Ike plays piano and sings her heart out whenever she performs. She’s also just about fearless, which helps in a big way. For someone not familiar with... [read full interview]

Jan 30, 2015
Women in the Music Industry: Interview Series

The following interview is part of a series designed to discuss issues that women face in the music industry. The goal is to empower women musicians to embrace their artistry with confidence and passion...[read full interview]

Nov 5, 2014
Kent Wired: Coffeeshop fills with Joy
Whether it be the ukulele-laden, peppy folk in songs like “Happy,” or a Norah Jones-like vocal melody in “No Matter What,” Ike’s music covers a lot of ground in the musical spectrum. She can be placed somewhere in the tradition... [read full article]

June 17, 2014
Show Review: Cody Chestnutt/Joy Ike @ World Cafe Live
The night began with a healthy dose of peace and joy, literally, as Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Joy Ike  took the stage with her sister, Peace, who handled djembe and beatbox duties. The Ike sisters’ set started off gently and quietly—you could hear a pin drop within the... [read full review]

May 26, 2014
Show Review: Joy Ike at Pittsburgh Winery
Pittsburgh is home to a handful of small intimate venues. A place where you can almost watch the sweat fall from your favorite performing artist’s face. Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip District is one such venue. The potent aroma of wine hits you as make your way down a steep set of stairs. Tables to seat two or four gather around the stage that boasts wine barrels as the back drop. On Saturday, May 24 Joy Ike made her way back to her home town to play the sold out venue, a warm...[read full review]

Jan 23, 2014
49 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art
Joy Ike a Songstress who delivers grassroots marketing strategies with the voice of an angel. She's a talented songwriter with an eclectic musical style and captivating voice. She’s also passionate about helping her fellow artists with marketing. Joy blogs at...[read full write-up]

Dec 11, 2013
NPR's World Cafe: Songs by Pittsburgh's Finest
To find out about up-and-coming local bands for our Sense of Place stop in Pittsburgh, we went straight to one of the city's best-known sources: Cindy Howes, host of Morning Mix on NPR member station WYEP.  A close observer of...[listen to segment]

Oct 15, 2013
Soulbounce: 'Fall' into Joy Ike
That spirit of joy is definitely present in her new video for "The Fall Song," a charming visual that makes you almost excited about the impending season of sweater weather. She uses . [read full write-up]

July 29, 2013
Pop Dose: The Matt N' Jeff Radio Hour//Episode 23
“Loves people, hates shoes, makes music.” How’s that for a manifesto? On the other hand, those six words don’t really sum up Joy Ike‘s music — but then, you’d need more than a few pages to properly delve into her signature blend of pop, folk, and soul, which Ike charmingly...[listen to interview]

June 19, 2013
WXPN's The Key: Make Music Philly Spotlight
Here’s another great artist you don’t want to miss at Make Music Philly this Friday: This Pittsburgh singer-songwriter falls somewhere between...[read full write-up]

May 23, 2013
Enter The Shell: Joy Ike Playlist
In this latest Playlist we’re traveling to Pittsburgh, PA as we catch up with Joy Ike! We’re talking about her latest album “All Or Nothings” as well as Movies, and Oreo Cookies! We want YOU… [listen to interview]

May 16, 2013
Pick Up Productions: Joy Ike Interview
Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Joy Ike hasn’t always wanted to be a musician but in 2013, she’s already released her third full-length record, All Or Nothing. We reached out to Joy Ike prior to her Buncearoo show, asking her about inspirations, her latest record, and...[read full interview]

May 14, 2013
Fine Living Lancaster: Saul Simon MacWilliams Brings “Joy” to the World
I recently had the opportunity to interview esteemed music producer Saul Simon MacWilliams, a man who thrives on the indie music scene, but doesn’t box himself into it. “Is there really a difference [between indie and pop], besides how well...[read full article]

April 19, 2013
SoulBounce: "Joy Ike Will Not Let You Go"
How is it that pianist/vocalist Joy Ike is three albums in, and I'm just now hearing about her? Talk about slipping, slumbering and failing from all sides. We've even covered the Pittsburgh native here on our pages once before. Like I said, slipping. Well, she's got my undivided attention now as...[read full article]

April 19, 2013
Basement Group: All or Nothing Album Review
Pittsburgh, PA’s Joy Ike was a new name to me, although it seems that the former publicist daughter of Nigerian immigrants has been dedicating herself to a musical career since 2008.  In addition to the lady’s own multi-instrumental prowess and that of her producer, you can add in several more participants who combine to make this set such effective listening...[read full article]

April 12, 2013
Muso's Guide: Lets Talk - A Q&A w/ Joy Ike
For three years Joy Ike’s doting fans have waited for the arrival of her fantastic new studio album All Or Nothing. Here at Muso’s Guide, we thought this would be a brilliant time to catch up with her, delve into her world of music, and find out what the wonderful lady has been up to for the past few years...[read interview]

April 11, 2013
Unsigned Bands Online: Album Review
Joy Ike’s dynamic voice accompanied flawlessly with a captivating musical style is simply perfection. All Or Nothing, her third album is spectacular, from the opening to the end it provides songs of passion and conflicts but most of all love. Three years on from Rumors, Joy’s distinctive sound has flourished. After making...[read full article]

April 3, 2013
We Plug Good Music: All or Nothing Album Review
Two thumbs up for this well-branded independent artist I’m about to share with you. It took me a lot of snooping around to really prove that she isn’t signed to a record label of any sort. Her music production quality, online brand and music videos are all on...[read full article]

April 3, 2013
WYSO: Joy Ike - The Piano & The Creative Process
Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter Joy Ike played piano as a child, but after several years away from the instrument found herself returning to music shortly before graduating college.  Ike, who's been widely recognized for being both a skilled songwriter and a percussive pianist, spoke with Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt about her creative process and her latest fan-funded album All or Nothing.
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March 30, 2013
Urban Socialites: Review
Joy Ike brings another dose of eccentric pop to her latest track, “Pick Me Up.” Carried by the soulful, deep tone of her vocals, Ike exposes the perfect...[read full article]

March 28, 2013
Soulbounce: Joy Ike Offers the Perfect 'Pick Me Up'
Pittsburgh songbird Joy Ike is offering a dose of authenticity on her new song, "Pick Me Up." A song about the chaos of learning to trust, "Pick Me Up" finds Ike vulnerably crooning about...[read full article]

March 22, 2013
Drunken Werewolves: Introducing Joy Ike
Pop is a strange beast. We can all agree about the genius of The Beatles‘ music, but how many hear the pop sensibilities in The Velvet Underground? And what about the cookie cutter garbage that clogs up the airwaves, totally void of the slightest hint of creativity? At its glorious best though, pop combines the best of both worlds: originality, inventiveness, creativity and commercial appeal. This is where Joy Ike fits in. Her music is...[read review]

March 18, 2013
WYEP Studio Session: Joy Ike
Joy Ike, plays songs from her new album All or Nothing, her third release. She discusses her beginnings in music and how she “didn’t take music seriously until her college years”. Her new release was produced by Saul Simon (who has worked with Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs, April Smith, etc). Ike says that she learned the practice of patience when working... [read/listen to full interview]

March 1, 2013
Washington D.C. Examiner - Show Preview
For four years running, Joy Ike has earned Best Solo Artist title from Pittsburgh’s City Paper and now she’s celebrating the release of a new album (her third), “All or Nothing,” with a show in Capitol Hill. With comparison... [read full article]

Feb 28, 2013
Philly Daily Local News - Show Preview
Joy Ike, who will be performing March 1 at Studio 34 in Philadelphia, had known for a long time that she wanted to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. It just took her awhile to make the move in that direction.  “Music was always a... [read full article]

February 24, 2013
The Lancast - Joy Ike Interview  [visit site]
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February 1, 2013
On Tap Magazine: Artists That Should Be On Your Radar, Calendar and iPod
Joy Ike’s bio merely reads that she loves people, hates shoes and makes music. The fact that such a paltry sum of words accompany such enormous talent feels like a massive...[read review]

Jan 30, 2013
Review Fix: Joy Ike interview
Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Joy Ike who discusses her new album, “All for Nothing,” who discusses what she’s learned through the recording process of her two previous albums and how it played a part in this one.
A poetic...[listen to interview]

Jan 28, 2013
Sunken Treasures Music Blog: "All Or Nothing – Joy Ike CD Release Party"
Joy Ike is an artist I eagerly anticipate seeing every year. She’s an absolute wonder at WYEP’s Holiday Hootenanny when she performs and I’ve always thought of her as a headliner of every year of the event. She’s got so much grace on stage, so much...[read full article]

Jan 25, 2013
Nak You Out: "The Joy Ike Interview"
What’s there not to love about Joy Ike? The kind, uber-talented songstress has been makin moves in Pittsburgh and across the region with her signature brand of piano-driven, calming jams and...[read full article]

Jan 24, 2013
Post Gazette: "Joy Ike gets it all on 'All or Nothing'
Joy Ike's talent was unmistakable on her first two albums, but listening to the appropriately titled "All or Nothing," it's easy to say the third time is a charm.  The Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter-pianist, who draws easy comparisons to Fiona Apple, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Regina Spektor, has produced a record that is soulfully sung, slickly produced, emotionally...[read full article]

Jan 23, 2013
Pittsburgh City Paper: "Joy Ike Puts It On the Line..."
If nothing else, the title of Joy Ike's third album should tell you something about where she is as an artist. After the innocuous debut Good Morning and the more intriguing Rumors, Ike is laying it all on the line with a full-length called All or Nothing.  While there are plenty of ways to interpret...[read full article]

January 23, 2013
WYEP Interview - All About All or Nothing

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Aug 31, 2012
International Arts Movement: IAM Conversations
This week, Christy speaks with Joy Ike, singer/songwriter and founder of Grassrootsy, a marketing blog specifically created for independent artists and bands. [listen to interview]

July 1, 2012
Blog Magazine: Music Pick of the Month
"I don’t really like the classification 'Christian Artist.' To me that’s like creating a category called 'Atheist Artist' or 'Vegetarian Artist.' I just want to..." [read full interview]

April 1, 2012
Pittsburgh Magazine: American Eagle Fashion Shoot & Interview
“Both my parents came to the States from Nigeria 35 years ago — so I grew up surrounded by Nigerian culture,” she says. “Ever since I was a kid, I never... [read full interview]

Feb 22, 2012
Pop City:  Rock to rap - Five on the rise
In 2008, Joy Ike's brother fell into a coma after a four-year battle with cancer, inspiring the Pitt grad to quit her publishing job and turn... [read full interview] 

Aug 8, 2011
Singer-Songwriters Jeffrey Gaines and Joy Ike Get Personal at Local Coffeehouse
"The audiences at Burlap and Bean are generally smart and in tune with their music–they are always looking for something more in the music, something meaningful and personal. On Saturday, a sold-out crowd listened intently to both performers as they..." [read full article]

Dec 21, 2010
Around the Wood Stove -
Podcast  Interview w/Joy Ike

visit site

April 22, 2010
NPR ~ All Things Considered ~ "Songs Our Bosses Missed"

After being introduced to Joy Ike by her friend -- and Tell Me More intern -- Danielle Gerson, I knew I needed to find a way to share her with the world. The minute I heard her, it was evident that Joy possessed a voice and talent beyond her years. The depth of subjects she tackles... [read full article]


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